Tuesday, February 25, 2014

You should sometimes protest and sometimes have meaningful discussions with administration

The last post was a bit extreme, but I'll leave it so that people can see the evolution of a thought process.

I want to address the following two points:

"Never, and I mean never, publicly protest the bullshit, "
"Avoid having professional discussion of any meaning or substance with administrators. "

The first one, protesting.  Sometimes it's important to protest.  You have to have a union, and a contract, and a union leadership that will raise issues.  You have to pick issues that you're certain you can win, that aren't petty, where winning would really benefit most teachers and students, and where you've attempted informal resolution first. 

The second point, about professional discussion with administrators.  While I think I was extreme in stating that, and I don't advise it for everyone, I want to say that in some environments, it really is a good route to take.  I guess my point is that the administration is usually the purveyors of much of the bullshit that you'll deal with.

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